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Buimerc Core Investments Pvt. Ltd is an Indian core investment company, approved by RBI, with the mandate to invest into high-quality companies. The Company is a 100% subsidiary of Buimerc Corporation FZE, incorporated in Dubai, UAE. The focus of Buimerc Core Investments Private Limited is to contribute to economic empowerment and to the society by expanding its business with a well-balanced investment mix in select companies. Buimerc’s internal processes ensure that it chooses only those companies that have a proven track record, ensures corporate governance and maintains professionalism in their activities. To encourage creativity and youth, Buimerc also lends support to emerging start-ups, subject to these companies making the cut, subsequent to extensive due diligence.

The company’s core activities are:

  • To invest in successful subsidiary companies and stimulate their growth.
  • To promote and associate with new product and service companies that shows promise and potentials.
  • To maintain its shareholding in major operating companies.

The subsidiaries of Buimerc Core Investments Pvt. Ltd. are:

  • Sreevaas Roofing Pvt. Ltd.
  • SB Global Educational Resources Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vishram Hotels and Tourism Pvt. Ltd.

The Associates of Buimerc Core Investments Pvt. Ltd. are:

  • J Sun CNC Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Iconcauvery LLP.

To know more about us, please visit: www.buimerc.com